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2012 Chevy Silverado vs. Dodge’s Ram

Monday, August 20th 2012. | Review

The American car industry is best known for the huge and vastly powerful trucks that it produces, after of course its legendary muscle cars. Now, with the increasing demand for American trucks, American car manufacturers are producing some really amazing trucks to keep up with the competition they face. While this is great for American truck enthusiasts and buyers, it creates the problem of deciding which one is the best. Two of the best trucks being manufactured in America at the moment are the 2012 Chevrolet Silverado and Dodge Ram. Here is a brief comparison between the two.

When comparing two automobiles, one has to consider their each and every aspect. The price is a good place to begin with. The Chevy Silverado immediately takes the lead due to the fact that it is generally less costly than the Ram throughout the range of models that each truck is available in. For 2012 the Silverado’s price ranges from just above $20,000 to a maximum of around $42,000. The Ram on the other hand has a price range of just over $20,000 to a tad above $46,000. Obviously value for money is a different issue than the actual price, but the Silverado claims better value for money considering the fact that it has better towing ability, is a lot more fuel efficient and is quite refined with respect to the interior and exterior.

Each of the trucks comes with a range of engines to choose from, for the Ram the most powerful motor available is the well renowned Hemi V8, making the Dodge the quicker truck off the line. However, the Silverado doesn’t fall short in the engine department; you can get the available 403-hp 6.2 liter V8. The Silverado is also a lot lighter than the ram which results in better mileage, however, the Ram is a bit bigger than the Silverado and offers more space in the rear seats area and better storage space especially with the storage option it has available on the sides of the truck-bed.

All in all, the Silverado is definitely the better truck of the two thanks to it being more efficient in terms of fuel economy and towing ability. Two very important things in today’s truck market. With gas prices being what they are fuel efficiency is crucial. Getting the better towing ability on top of that definitely seals the deal on two very aspects of a truck buyer’s decision process. On top of the savings in fuel and prowess in towing it is actually cheaper than the Ram.


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