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2013 Cadillac Escalade EXT, Luxurious as a Pick-up truck gets

Thursday, December 6th 2012. | Review

The Escalade EXT is Cadillac’s four door crew cab pick-up truck, based on the Chevy Avalanche which has been discontinued, the Cadillac lives on. Needless to say, the Escalade EXT, being a Caddy, is as luxurious as American cars get. With its sheer vastness and good looks, the Escalade EXT certainly is a rather cool ride to have. This particular vehicle has 3 trim levels to choose from; a base, premium and a luxury trim level.

The Exterior of the EXT is huge and menacing to look at to say the least. The big signature Cadillac grill, the big wheels and the typical Escalade headlamps have helped keep the Escalade at the top of the looks board. The body of the EXT allows for a fair amount of storage. The mid-gate of the EXT goes down and the rear seats and windows fold for added storage capability. The Magnetic Ride Control of the Escalade helps iron out the bumps and makes the ride of the EXT particularly smooth.

Inside the handsome exterior is an interior layered with luxurious leather and wood. There are several features inside that add to the luxury of the Escalade. Some of the standard and optional features (depending on the trim level) are dual-zone climate control which allows the driver and the front passenger to individually select the temperature they want in their part of the car, Bose 5.1 surround system, heated steering wheel and so on. The interior of the Escalade EXT is certainly a comfortable and lavish place to be in. Other luxury-inducing features include retractable assist steps that help get into the car, a standard 8 inch screen mounted on the dashboard with features such as NavTraffic and Tune Select and Stabilitrak with Rollover Mitigation that helps with the overall stability and safety of the vehicle.

However, apart from the luxury, it can be said that the Escalade EXT is not the most technically efficient American truck out there. Its 6.2 liter V8 does create a hefty 403 HP and 417 ft-lb of torque and is coupled with a 6 speed automatic gearbox. The vehicle has extra grip attributed to the all-wheel drive system. But, the Escalade EXT is relentless when it comes to fuel consumption; the EXT will do an average of 13 mpg in the city and 18 mpg on the highway. These aren’t the greatest figures, but who pays attention to those when shopping for a vehicle at this price point. Towing capacity isn’t as high as the horsepower numbers would suggest, the EXT can tow a maximum of 7600 lbs, although I imagine the typical buyer won’t need to tow much more than this. Fortunately, for 2013 Cadillac has improved the luxury within and has made the Escalade a better car to drive as well.


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