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2013 Silverado HD Duramax Engine

Monday, September 17th 2012. | Review

The words ‘one of the best’  are often used when describing engines inside cars and trucks primarily because there are competitors in the market that are producing equally good or at times better engines. However there is no need to use these words when describing the Duramax 6.6 Liter Diesel V8 that can be found inside the 2012 Chevy Silverado; this engine really is the best compared to its competitors. The Duramax diesel engine produces 397 hp with rather unbelievable 765 foot pounds of torque. Sure the 6.7 liter Diesel V8 inside the Ford Super Duty F-250 is a monster on its own and it produces slightly more power with the engine being rated at 400 hp and 800 foot pounds of torque. The 6.7 liter Cummins engine in the Ram is not far behind with 350 hp and 800 foot pounds of torque. But in terms of performance the Silverado with the Duramax engine blows its other two worthy opponents away.

Let us start with the basic yardstick that is used to measure engine performance; acceleration. The closest rival is the Ford. With the Duramax Silverado does 0-60 mph in under 8 seconds (some car testers reported it to do it in an astonishing 7.3 seconds) whereas the diesel Ford does it in just over 8 seconds. Of course this acceleration can be in part accredited to the wonderful Allison 6-speed automatic transmission with manual shift control (this amazing bit of kit is available exclusively in GM trucks) in the Silverado. The Silverado is also the lighter truck of the two. However there is nothing light about the towing ability with its maximum 17,800 pounds which beats the Ford’s and the Ram’s maximum capacity by 300 and 2350 pounds respectively.

The Duramax engine in the 2013 Chevy Silverado is quite an efficient one as well. With a 36 gallon tank, this engine allows the Silverado to travel up to 680 miles. Moreover this engine is quite an environment friendly one. The Diesel Exhaust Fluid that the Silverado with the Duramax engine uses to clean its exhaust fumes is made out of 33% ammonia-based urea and 67% purified water. This fluid helps turn Nitrogen Oxide into Nitrogen and water vapors thus reducing the damage that Nitrogen Oxide from the exhaust fumes would have otherwise done to the environment. The 2012 Chevy Silverado with the Duramax engine reduces Nitrogen Oxide emissions by 67% compared to the 2010 Silverado and a full tank of the Diesel Exhaust Fluid enables the truck to travel a distance of up to 5000 miles depending on the prevalent fuel consumption of the truck.


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