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2014 Chevy Silverado Unveiled

Thursday, December 13th 2012. | Review

Chevy has finally released its new 2014 Silverado 1500 full-size pickup to the public. The wait is over! Every aspect of the truck has been updated. Beginning with the engines, there is a trio of EcoTec3 engines. The cab has also been overhauled and refined, it is now stronger and quieter than any Silverado before it. The steering, brakes and suspension have been updated and smart cargo management features have been added to the bed.

As you can see the front of the truck has received a major overhaul, the front looks more muscular and Chevy has gone back to a stacked headlight design, which I think they’ve executed very well. I also think they’ve much improved the look of the front of the truck by increasing the complexity of the design of the bumper. For 2013 it was quite a flat, slab looking look. For the LTZ model we can see plenty of chrome which also compliments the design of the front and its shiny wheels. According to GM this body has been designed to optimize airflow for fuel efficiency, low drag and reduced wind noise.

As for the trio of EcoTec3 Engines I mentioned, there will be one base 4.3 liter v6, a new 5.3 liter v8 and for maximum power there is the 6.2 liter v8 which is “engineered to be the most capable engine in a light duty truck”. All three of these engines are direct injected and feature cylinder deactivation. Even the v6 can go down to 4 cylinders during light load situations. All three engines will be mated to 6 speed automatic transmissions. These 3 engines will all benefit from an active exhaust system that optimizes back pressure and exhaust note in any given situation. On top of the the 6.2 liter features noise cancellation during operation in 4 cylinder mode (I suspect to eliminate drone).

Chevy also did a major overhaul of the interior, the first thing I noticed is that it has two screens one larger 8 inch screen in the center console and smaller 4.2 inch one in the center of the gauge cluster.  Chevy spent a lot of time engineering the interior to be as comfortable and user-friendly as possible to the average truck owner. Everything is designed to be within reach with the most important/most used controls being closer to the driver. I suspect we’ll have much more to hear about this if Ford’s introduction of MyFord touch is any indication.

As far as towing and hauling is concerned the 2014 Silverado should be impressive as well. The transmissions have an “auto grade braking” function which automatically downshifts the truck to reduce brake wear. The axle’s are also new due to the increased torque from the new v8 engines, these are either 9.5 or 9.76 inch in size. Of course these all new engines should improve both towing capability and efficiency. With more power they’ll work less hard and with advanced engine technology they’ll use less fuel.

So far I am very impressed with what I’ve learned about these new Chevy trucks, I wrote this article as quickly as possible and was learning about these new trucks as I wrote, I should have far more in-depth information for you soon. But I wanted to show you all the new truck and give a brief overview of all the updates to the exterior, the new engine technology and a variety of other new features for the Silverado.

For more details on the engines click here.
For more pictures of the new truck click here.

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