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2014 GMC Sierra Compared to GMT900

Friday, December 14th 2012. | Review

Gm has released some comparison shots to show you how the new 2014 Sierra compares to the old GMT900 based Sierra. It is an excellent way to take a look at the differences side-by-side. First we have a frontal shot of both trucks. The truck has a raised hood to make the truck more muscular looking and just as tall as a heavy duty Sierra. The 2014 Sierra now comes with projector beam headlights with LED accent lights. There is a forward facing camera for collision and lane departure alerts. We also have an aluminum hood and redesigned side mirrors for improved fuel economy. Lastly GM has highlighted park-assist-sensors.

Here is a shot from the back of both trucks. In the Back GM highlights under-rail LED lighting, movable tie downs and an “EZ lift and lower tailgate”. A rear sliding window with defogger, an integrated rear corner step for easier access and larger rear axles for V8 models. Finally we can see that the spoiler is now an integrated aspect of the back of the truck rather than a plastic cap on the previous model.

Here is a shot of the door openings on both trucks, you might ask yourself, why is that important? Well, GM tells us that with its new door design that places the doors more-so inside the body rather than going all the way out to the edges that they have┬ásignificantly┬áreduced road noise and made some gains in efficiency. GM calls these doors “inlay doors”.

Finally we have a better view of the truck bed of the 2014 Sierra and of course we can see the LED’s that are integrated in the rails.

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