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2014 GMC Sierra Unveiled

Thursday, December 13th 2012. | Review

Along with todays unveiling of the 2014 Silverado was naturally also the unveiling of the 2014 GMC Sierra. General Motors told us some time ago that the 2014 Sierra would differentiate itself more drastically from the Silverado. As always the Sierra will be taking up the mid to high range of the trim levels while the Silverado will take care of the low to mid range of trim levels. For this I like the comparison of a construction site truck vs. someone that hauls high-dollar race-track horses. But in the end it is of course all up to your personal tastes and needs.

Just like the new Silverado the 2014 Sierra will be available with 3 EcoTec3 engines, one v6 and two v8’s with 4.3, 5.3 and 6.2 liters in displacement respectively (for more details on the engine click here).  As far as the exterior goes the front fascia of the GMC Sierra has been extensively reworked, we still recognize the old GMT900 platform in it, but it is a very positive evolution of the design in our opinion. With a more complex and shapely bumper and an updated grill which is flanked by a set of new headlights. We can also expect, like the Silverado that this body has been designed to both appeal to truck buyers and to maximize fuel economy while limiting road noise.

For the interior of the 2014 Sierra we see the same general layout as the new Silverado with a big touch screen in the center stack and a smaller 4.2 inch information screen in the gauge cluster. As far as anything unique to the Sierra goes we can see the use of wood grain throughout and it looks like GM also added liberal amounts of leather throughout the interior which should definitely give it a more luxurious feel.

One other way that we could see that the GMC will be differentiated is an optional All-Terrain trim which includes upgraded shocks, hill descent control, front recovery hooks, a transfer case shield and unique wheels and tires, along with an automatic locking rear differential. That should do it for an overview of the new 2014 GMC Sierra, it seems the pictures tell most of the story here. From what we know at this point most of the key features seem to overlap for the Sierra and Silverado, you can look forward to our more extensive review and image gallery of both trucks very soon. For the an overview of the 2014 Silverado you can click here (anything in this article should be applicable to the Sierra as well).

UPDATE: Click here to see a comparison between the outgoing 2013 Sierra and the 2014 Sierra

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