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2014 Silverado Small Block v8

Tuesday, September 25th 2012. | Review

UPDATE: The engines have been released, check out final displacement numbers!

Where growing technology benefits consumers, it also means tough competition for manufacturers if they plan on surviving in the industry. This holds true for any kind of industry but more so for the automobile industry as in this industry manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve the technology in their vehicles in order to attract more customers towards them. GM has taken a step along these lines by introducing its next generation small block V8 for the 2014 Silverado and Sierra.

There are certainly many things to talk about as far as GM’s Gen V small block V8 is concerned. There are many improvements in this engine compared to previous engines offered by GM in its various vehicles, specifically the Silverado and the Sierra. Still being kept behind the curtain by GM, the exact details of the engine have not been revealed by the company. What is known, however, is that the engine will have a cast aluminum block, direct fuel injection, a higher compression ratio, variable valve timing (it is said that GM may have found a way to improve comparatively narrow degree of variable valve timing in previous GM small blocks) and a more fierce Active Fuel Management system (also known as cylinder deactivation). All these features will help make this engine more powerful and more efficient than the previous small block engines offered by GM.

The Gen V small block V8 will most probably have a standard displacement of 5.5 liters (the smaller displacement will cause more fuel efficiency). The direct injection of the engine will help improve fuel economy and torque in the low rpm range. The variable valve timing will also help improve the power delivered by the engine and so will the higher compression ratio used by the engine. Moreover, the fact that the engine is lighter (aluminum is a relatively lighter material than iron) and that this engine uses GM’s cylinder deactivation system, you can expect the miles per gallon figure to improve significantly. Thus the Gen V small block V8 which will be used by GM in the 2014 Silverado and Sierra is certainly going to be big improvement and we are confident sales will be strong.

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