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2014 Silverado SS Spied

Thursday, September 6th 2012. | Review

It is possible that Chevy will be releasing an SS model as part of its 2014 Silverado line-up, as we discovered on SilveradoSS.com. They are very guarded however over what it is they are actually testing, but looking at the stance and the type of wheels used (large chrome wheels) it could very well be a Silverado SS. For 2013 it was nothing more than a 427 SS concept that we wrote an article about some time ago. For 2014 we have an actual sporty looking truck that has been spotted doing testing.

It could go a number of ways at this point, but the stance and large wheels on this truck do make us hopeful for a sport-truck of some kind from Chevy for the 2014 model year. It makes sense in light of competition from specialty trucks such as the Harley Davidson and Raptor editions from Ford or the Power Wagon and Ram Runner-kit from Dodge.


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