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Chevrolet’s MyLink infotainment System

Monday, August 13th 2012. | News, Review

With the inbuilt technology of the cars and trucks produced by Chevrolet’s rivals such as Ford and Toyota improving, it was only a matter of time before Chevrolet itself came up with some new technological features in its cars and of course trucks. Chevy’s answers to its rivals comes in the form of its new MyLink system; a truly innovative infotainment system that makes driving a Chevrolet a more rewarding experience. The MyLink system has the ability to connect with your phone, smart phone, blackberry, iPhone or iPod. The connection is handled Via Bluetooth or a USB port allowing you to access your phone’s contacts, music and apps through the controls on your Chevrolet’s steering wheel or the touchscreen display placed in the center console. From the spy photo’s we provided a few days ago we can see the all new Silverado includes a screen in its center stack and will be including Chevy’s MyLink as well.

Of course there has to be a lot more to Chevy’s MyLink if it is to compete with Ford Sync, its main rival. Not surprisingly, Chevrolet does not disappoint; MyLink has an efficient voice recognition system that allows you to perform all functions, they’ve named it Nuance MyLink lets you use online services such as Pandora (internet radio) and Stitcher SmartRadio once you connect your device to the system and has technologies such as Gracenote which identifies the name of the artist, song and album along with the genre of the song playing on mp3 player or smart phone connected and shows them on the screen. Speaking of screens, MyLink is integrated into a 7inch high resolution screen mounted onto the center console that lets you perform all functions seamlessly. MyLink also comes with a split screen mode that divides the display in half with one half dedicated to the usual functions of MyLink and the other half for the navigation system. Along with all these features, Chevrolet will also offer its OnStar service which includes handy services such as route guidance, traffic advisory and emergency assistance.

Whether MyLink is superior to Ford’s Sync is yet to be seen as Chevrolet will introduce MyLink in spring of this year on the 2012 Volt and Equinox. As we have mentioned before it will also be available on the 2014 Chevy Silverado in early 2013. On the surface both MyLink and Sync seem to be similar with comparable features, however, Ford introduced Sync years ahead of Chevy’s system and thus can be expected to have more kinks worked out. Sync was plagued early on by some of its bugs, but has overall been received quite positively by users. Chevrolet, has of course promised MyLink to be a more efficient and an overall better system than Sync, we’ll know soon enough if they are right!


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