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GM Building up Rather Large Truck Inventory

Tuesday, December 11th 2012. | Review

GM had said some time ago they were targeting a higher inventory for trucks than they normally would. But since than that number has increased. I think it’s safe to say that it is higher than they would like at 139 days of inventory on dealer lots. GM claims this is due to lower incentives offered than their competitors, on average $500 less per vehicle. In addition GM claims they are making $2,700 more per vehicle sold than they were in the same month last year. But, all this is paired with lower sales numbers than last year.

This comes at a time that Ford and Dodge are unloading their 2012’s and seeing significant sales increases over last year. This is with an average incentive of only $500 more. That concerns me. GM’s inventory paired with the soon to be released to the public 2014 Chevy Silverado and Sierra could make it rather hard for GM to get its inventory down to acceptable levels.

On a side note I have seen some friends get new Silverado and Sierra HD’s far, far below sticker price. The numbers in this article apply to GM half tons. Which could be misleading, they may not have high incentives on their half tons, but from what I hear from friends that have bought new Heavy Duty 3/4 tons, they sure got a good deal (or steal)!

UPDATE: On Friday GM began offering $2000 cash incentives on new pickups.

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