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GM hints at new diesel

Monday, December 3rd 2012. | Review

First off I will say that it isn’t likely the half-tons that will receive it, there have been plenty of rumors of a 4.5 liter Duramax diesel for the Silverado and/or Sierra. We say this, mostly from a cost perspective. It is a risk to introduce a diesel and to introduce a whole new engine that very well could fail with today’s diesel costs and the cost-of-entry associated with buying a diesel truck. Not to mention the fact that America just doesn’t seem to like diesels in anything but heavy duty trucks and semi’s.

From what we’ve learned online, it is more likely the Colorado and Canyon twins may receive a diesel, due to the fact that globally they are already available. In fact there is also a diesel available in the global trailblazer that we just wrote an article on. Which is another car I’d really like to see here in the USA. This is all being speculated off of some words from Mark Reuss, GM’s head of North American Operations. He is quoted saying that diesels do make sense in a light duty truck. That is all we know for sure. Our eye is on the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon, simply because globally the development has already been done. It looks like a lot lower risk for GM.

I for one would love to see diesels across the line-up, but that is of course wishful thinking. It also keeps getting harder and harder for me to imagine, with locally gasoline being ~$3.30 per gallon and diesel still hovering over $4 per gallon. The increase in MPG’s will have to be significant for it to make sense, on top of that the marketing challenge for such a vehicle isn’t something to ignore either, with the unfortunate stigma that diesel has in the US.

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