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GM partners with Ford on 10-speed Transmission

Tuesday, October 9th 2012. | Review

After Dodge challenging both Ford and GM with its new 8-speed transmission (ZF TorqueFlite 8) it seems they’ve decided to band together to 1-up dodge with another 2 forward gears. It seems they will get together to get a 9 speed going for their cars and in larger heavy duty applications they are aiming for a 10 speed automatic transmission.

Being that this is a 10 speed I predict this is still quite a ways off from releasing. It’s not something I’ve even heard uttered by any car manufacturer before, so they have to be in the beginning stages of developing this. It does however make a lot of sense with new fuel economy standards looming in 2025. We’ve also heard reports of axle ratio switching rear axles to gain inefficiencies  sort of how a bicycle is able to switch its gears both on a rear axle and by the peddle’s themselves.

For now GM will be competing in fuel economy with its newly updated engine line-up for the 2014 Silverado.


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