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GMC Canyon Announced

Sunday, September 23rd 2012. | Review

It has been confirmed a GMC flavor of the Chevy Colorado will be released. While no date has been confirmed I believe its a safe bet it will be released around the same time as it’s platform friend the Colorado. We brought you a preview of what to expect for the 2014 Chevy Colorado. Expect the GMC to be on the more luxurious/upscale compliment to the Chevy which will be the work-horse, wallet-friendly mainstream version on the same platform.

With rumors making the rounds that the body styles for the 2014 Silverado and Sierra will vary more greatly between the two, perhaps the same will be true of the Colorado/Canyon. For now the Colorado is only produced overseas and is actually already being sold too. We do not yet have pictures of the GMC as it is a US/Canada only brand. See below for pictures of the Colorado, the first one is a mule spotted testing in the US, the others are of the global model. We are anxiously awaiting a fully uncovered pictures to be released for the US-spec truck as well as a confirmed release date for the Canyon.


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