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Learn How to Change Fuel Pump in Chevy Silverado

Wednesday, August 8th 2012. | Silverado 1500

Your Chevy Silverado 1500 fuel pump strikes liquid fuel gasoline from the fuel tank to your car’s engine, the place it’s blended with air for combustion within the cylinders. Now that injection techniques have virtually replaced outdated fuel supply programs, the latest gasoline Pumps want to move fuel below stress; they’re therefore electronic.

The pumps are placed throughout the fuel tank; being as liquid gasoline can’t blow up, that is the safest space for installation. Your automotive has a place in your coronary heart due to its high performance and great style, and to maintain it working in its greatest condition you want the best in high-high quality components and accessories.

Chevy Silverado Fuel Pump Module

Learn how to change fuel pump in Chevy Silverado

Step by step

1. Determine the fuel pump on Chevy Silverado will require. This is dependent upon the make and mannequin and engine measurement of your vehicle. Models are geared up with a Vortec 4.three L, 4.8 L, 5.3 L or 6.0 L engine depending on the exact model.

2. Disconnect the damaging battery cable with a socket wrench. Relieve the fuel system pressure, drain and remove the gasoline tank. Take away the retaining ring for the gasoline sender assembly with a fuel tank sending unit wrench.

3. Word the place of the fuel strainer earlier than pulling it off and discarding it. Unplug the electrical connection for the gasoline pump and the gasoline degree sensor underneath the duvet of the gasoline sender.

4. Remove the retaining clip for the fuel level sensor and take away the fuel stage sensor by squeezing the locking tangs. You could now remove the gasoline stress sensor.

5. Set up the brand new fuel pump using the items included in the package, particularly the gasoline strainer. Tighten the mounting bolts for the fuel tank straps 30 ft. lbs with a torque wrench. Complete the set up by reversing the removing procedure.

The Chevy Silverado comes in quite a lot of types and trim ranges and this may increasingly affect your selection of fuel pump.

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