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No Hybrid Full-size for 2014

Thursday, September 13th 2012. | Hybrid, News, Suburban

The Chevy full-size trucks based on the GMT-900 platform are currently available in a V8 + Hybrid motor configuration, allowing for a pretty decent increase in MPG’s. This particular approach at higher fuel mileage will no longer be available for the 2014 Chevy Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe or GMC Sierra. We were already speculating that this may in fact happen, we can now conclusively tell you, there will be no Hybrid full-size for the time being.

We aren’t overly concerned as we believe that with the new engine tech on the horizon for the 2014 model year Chevy full-size’s the loss of the Hybrid will be more than made up for. Through use of Turbo’s (competitor to Ford’s ecoboost), direct injection (extensively used tech to increase mpg) and 8-speed transmission (to compete with Dodge’s latest offering). We believe GM simply felt it would make the hybrid offering irrelevant as their revised engine and transmission line-up will be able to match or in some cases best the numbers of their current hybrid.

We welcome this approach of doing as well or better with a less complex system, that doesn’t require electric motors and heavy batteries to squeeze out more MPG’s. But we do realize the competition is fierce in this segment so GM will have to bring its A-game to compete! See below for a gallery of the outgoing 2013 Silverado and Tahoe Hybrids.


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