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The Holden8er, a modern El Camino

Monday, November 19th 2012. | Review

Utes (trucks based on car-platforms) are pretty popular in Australia, unfortunately America has not seen much of these Aussie bred beasts. There once was a time where we could buy the likes of the El Camino from Chevy or the Ranchero from Ford, but we are now reduced to large pickup trucks, like the Silverado. Chevy doesn’t feel the American truck market lends itself to ute’s currently. Fortunately, however, those who got a chance to visit the SEMA car show saw what Utes are all about. Built by Brent Carlson with a beautiful Camaro front end and the rest of the body of a Holden VE Ute, the Ute dubbed the Holden8er caught the attention of onlookers immediately. The muscle bound Holden8er features a Magnuson supercharger that can be seen through the hood window and it is guessed that the horsepower of the Ute could be around the 700 mark. The huge lid on the bed really does make sense after all.

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